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Product Development to Enhance Your Offerings

Turn to Blackhawk Executives for expertise in product development. From devising an international strategic plan to building a distribution plan, we help develop and then promote your unique product.Read on to learn more about our process.

Build a Commercial International Strategic Plan:

  • Identify Key Countries to Launch a Product
  • Identify the Revenue Potential of Those Countries
  • Identify Competitive Products and Strategies 
  • Identify Product Potential
  • Identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Build a Distribution Plan:

  • Identify Potential International Partners
  • Develop Distribution Agreements
  • Build Distribution Training Programs
  • Build Distribution Company Marketing Plans
  • Identify and Interview Candidates and Assess Their Capabilities
  • Evaluate the Revenue Potential of Different Countries and Partners

Develop an International Marketing Plan:

  • Identify the Benchmark Products and Their Revenue Contribution for That Market
  • Identify Successful Marketing Campaigns
  • Develop Marketing and Advertising Programs/Campaigns 

Develop an International Sales Team Training Program:

  • Build the Key Features and Benefits of the Product
  • Identify Competitive Marketing Plans
  • Identify Key Sales Targets
  • Develop Motivational Concepts, Messaging, and Strategizing
  • Ensure the Sales Training Meets All Standards for the Manufacturer and Distributor

Develop an International Registration Plan:

  • Build a Regulatory Timeline By Cost and Region
  • Submit Timeline Estimates
  • Meet Local Representative Requirements, including CE Marking, ISO, In-Country Testing, Clinical Testing, and Quality Audit Requirements